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As the Covid-19 outbreak continues, the challenges they face have only gotten more extreme. Shelters are full, or closed, or too fraught with coronavirus risk to consider sleeping in. They have no access to toilets, much less toilet paper. They’ve been laid off, and there’s nobody on the street so they can’t even panhandle. Common places to find shelter and a bathroom—libraries, gyms, fast food restaurants—are closed. Soup kitchens are closing, out of food, and/or out of workers. That’s where we come together to help as much as we can.

Food, used clothes or any kind of help would be appreciated including sponsorship or collaboration. To make a donation you can use the link below


Or you can go directly to our Facebook campaign and help us save lives FundRaising Campaign 

you can also send us an email to get the bank information directly
[email protected]




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