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Now you can signup and get all the benefits of ICPS membership for free no payment needed at all, this was a board decision to help all the doctors around the world showcase their best work especially during the time we are going through.

ICPS member benefits


  1. online member directory: the ICPS find a physician member directory is an online search engine used by patients to find a qualified ICPS doctor for their cosmetic needs. As a member, you’ll be listed by name, primary practice, contact information, and membership level. ICPS members use the directory to network and connect with other members.
  2. Establish brand: get basic profile access to update your information, showcase your expertise via Q&A and photos.
  3. Enhance your profile: personalize your profile with cover photos, awards, and a personal statement, expand your before and after photo gallery, promote your special offers, get more exposure to your website through ICPS.
  4. Post your articles on our newsletter
  5. Get to post your work on our blog
  6. Experience: Various learning environments and network with the leading thinkers in the specialty in the world.
  7. Work: Obtain invaluable career opportunities.
  8. Education: You will be up to date so you advance your medical education.
  9. certificate of ICPS membership
  10. approved ICPS LOGO USE: use of the ICPS logo. Members will receive access for the use of the ICPS logo.
  11. we keep you posted : you will receive emails on upcoming workshops and events so you stay up to date.
  12. social networking: between ICPS and members through facebook, twitter, Instagram and linkedin
  13. certificate of completion: certification of completion on ICPS workshops and conferences.
  14. ICPS Journal: ICPS physicians will get the chance to post their journals and articles in the journal page as part of their membership.
  15. Work: Obtain invaluable career opportunities.
  16. The Forum: Sharing your expertise and asking for technical and scientific advice from others.
  17. Discount: Discounted member rates to attend ICPS meetings and conferences.
  18. we signed a partnership with SCITECHNOL (International Publisher Of Science, Technology And Medicine), and that comes with more benefits to our members:

A-Our members can present their views as forums or blogs on Scitechnol website.

B-Our members will be invited to contribute their research works as articles to Scitechnol Journal. This will give major and more exposure to our members.

C- Our members can participate in Scitechnol journal’s editorial board and can help to build up a strong editorial team to make a dignified frontier in the field of Dermatology, Dentistry, Cosmetology, Plastic surgery, etc.

D-Our members can also participate in Scitechnol conferences and act as organizing committee members.

E-Our members if they would like to publish their journals on Scitechnol as well to get more exposure in their fields that comes with 50% discount.


  1. With every sponsor and collaboration ICPS members will get more benefits that we will send to our members with every collaboration we sign.


ICPS membership is free of charge no payment needed, to sign up please use this link

Your success is our achievement story; our success is raising your brand and image.

Thank you for taking the time out to learn more about what we do as a Society.


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