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Recognize emerging issues and trends in Cosmetic treatments and surgeries and be on the forefront of the aesthetic industry.


  • Maintain expertize in recognizing, diagnosing, and treating as they change in society.
  • Increase competency in using medications, and other treatments and interventions.
  • Improve knowledge using didactic presentations, skill-building workshops, and unique educational formats to support complex concepts in Cosmetic treatments.
  • Increase teaching skills to spread aesthetics knowledge among peers, colleagues, trainees, patients and the community about aesthetic treatments and surgeries.

Opportunities :

  • Utilize and promote evidence-based approaches and current treatment guidelines.
  • Network with peers and mentors to find support and guidance in the field.
  • Develop and expand current educational curriculum in aesthetics.


  • Identify various career paths in the Aesthetic industry.
  • Increase their familiarity with career options and pathways by networking with leaders in the field.
  • Enhance their knowledge relevant to early careers in the Aesthetic industry. 




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